Faerie’s Birthday

AshlenThe Faerie Princess of my dreamsBecomes the Faerie QueenShe’s earned her wings! Lovely as summer rosesA crowd gathers where she goesFor every word she uttersIs like a tiny bell as it tolls Never loud not boastfulAlways radiating lightMy heart skips 10 beatsJust to have her in my sight She soothes the aches of my bodyShe heals […]Read Post ›


Conceptualize Visualize Terrorize Theorize Theatrical Theory Thoroughfare Tyrannical Terrarium Triangular Treasures Trembling Crumbling Carrying Corroborating Celebrating Celebration Imagination Fornication Exploitation Exploration Expediate Navigate Investigate Appropriate Appropriate Apple Fuck Elevate Communicate Commune Communion Coming Forming Moving Loving Trying Working Fixing Improving Improvement Improvisation Corroboration Combustion Combusting Combust Bust Into flames Ideas Rapidly forming Ever-changing Ideas New […]Read Post ›