Here you can find a poetry collection, a series of illustrations, and favorite photographs of mine from the past few years. Feel free to browse and ask questions/make comments 🙂

Poetry My poetry is inspired by the beauty of Nature, current world affairs, the beauty of the soul, and my own personal connection to the Universe. I do hope you enjoy, this is my favorite thing in the world to do ❤

Illustrations– I draw to express my deepest feelings; ones that I have no idea how to put into words. They represent all of who I am the moment I draw, so I pour my heart into each one. Almost all of them have poems to go along with as well 🙂

Photographs– I fancy myself a pretty good phone photographer and editor from time to time, so I have included a collection of my photographs for your perusal. They mostly consist of Nature, vegan cooking, puppy silliness, and of course adventures in landscaping and home improvement. I do plan on upgrading to a DSLR when circumstances allow.

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