To Know is Not to Know

Unknowingly we unknow what we already know; what we learned so long ago.


We can’t let go of the something that we knew we didn’t know, for fear we wouldn’t know it anymore.


We choose to unknow what we knew and instead know more about what we thought we knew but didn’t know at all.


We knew more every day about what we didn’t know, and discover we know less than we knew before.


To know is not to know, or rather to know not.

To not to know is rather preferable to know that we know not.


Knowing isn’t knowing

To the person down the street

To them, you know less

Than they did just last week


To know more about nothing

Is really nothing at all

While to realize you know nothing

Interprets the writing on the wall


Suddenly you know everythign

The Universe shares its story

Time ceases, light stops

The all-knowing opens its library


You know what you knew

Before time began

And when you come here

You can’t go back again

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