Lord Surya

Lord Surya

The Lord of the Skies
You bring Sight to my eyes
You bring Light to my days
On Earth your power stays

Until Apollo’s final ride
Across the lands so wide
Across the endless seas
Across her mountain’s majesty

You embolden the meek
You give strength to the weak
You make golden the air
You have the most dangerous stare

You warm up the coldest of hearts
You give all a fresh start
You give the Moon her glow
You give Life to all below

All colors of the spectrum
Do you bring
All waking creatures
Do you make sing

Willpower is your virtue
Through God’s Will do you make true
The destiny of the world
The dreams of all boys and girls

Through you
The light of the Universe shines
Through you
Humanity touches the Divine

Through you
The sins of all are dissolved
Through you
The problems of Earth are solved

Through you
God’s Son is revealed to us
Through you
Gaia’s Love is spontaneous

The Guardian of our souls
The Conqueror of Night
All Energy do you hold
The Deliverer of Light

We give thanks
To our glowing ball of fire
You burn away
All of our Earthly desire

We worship the Sun God
In our waking state
So that in Eternity
We abolish all hate

Praise be to Surya
The bridge from Heaven to Earth
Fill up the darkness
With your endless and beautiful mirth

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