Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Thought

Freedom of Being


Wars are fought

The innocent die

Darkness grows


All around us






Or so it seems


Rivers flow


Carrying the refuge to the sea


Why can’t we,

Like the rivers,

Be free?


What holds us back?

Dries us up?

Stops our flow?


The dam of the illusion

It is an illusion

The sun gives us strength

Without sapping our breath


We erode

The blockages in our path

Melting away the terrain

That tries to hold us back


Our flow never ceases

We are the eternal river

Pouring ourselves into

The endless, fathomless, and ever-growing sea


Our Source is the Mountaintop

With caps of the purest snow

The emblem of knowledge

The crowns of our home


The Sun enlightens us

It shines onto our throne

And releases the hidden understanding

Encapsulated long ago


The snow melts

The rivers begin to form

Our kundalini rising

From the depths it is born


It mixes with the streams

The creeks and the brooks

To create one path

Which together we all took


Forever this path leads us

Onward, further, and in between

There is not one place

That by us, has not been seen


What, then, is stopping us?

The answer is nothing

We are the invincible flow

Our river of knowledge forever will go


To the sea

The sea everlasting

Of consciousness

Of Love

Ever-growing, ever-flowing

Ever filling with us


This is our freedom

Our escape from it all

For there is nothing to escape

When we embrace what we are


We are everything

And every thing is within us

There is no path to freedom

For free is what we are

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