Faerie’s Birthday

Faerie Queen

The Faerie Princess of my dreams
Becomes the Faerie Queen
She’s earned her wings! 
Lovely as summer roses
A crowd gathers where she goes
For every word she utters
Is like a tiny bell as it tolls

Never loud not boastful
Always radiating light
My heart skips 10 beats
Just to have her in my sight

She soothes the aches of my body
She heals my very essence
Her being truly embodies 
What it means to be a goddess

Her crown is made from Mother Earth
The creator of our Ashlen
She had not a normal birth
Emerging from the ashes

I cannot describe 
The unimaginable beauty she exudes 
My words fall short by miles
When I speak of her changing moods

She holds the keys to happiness 
In the palms of her tiny hands
She bestows upon men a bliss
That is unheard of in these lands

She can never be hurtful 
She is never one to be rude 
Her words are always tasteful
Even when the jokes are crude 
Her energy is stronger
Than any in this world
The favor of so many
Is given to this girl 
She now becomes a woman
She has earned her independence
She is quite more than human
As she enters her dance 
Happy (belated) Birthday
To the faeriest of them all
I would gladly give my last day
To be the one whom she calls

I love you
Ashlen of the forest
Always stay true
To the self inside you know best

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