Era of the Heart

Thoughts spilling onto paper like tear drops in a torrential downpour of emotion.


Bleeding hearts call out on this day!

Your wounds shall be assuaged

Let us together

Kiss back the holes

That we scornfully placed

Upon the beloved’s fair flesh


How dare we!

A mere mortal







His stature


His appearance

Humble and clean

His manner

Hospitality at its finest






Above His head

No thorns now

Only flowers

Grow there instead

Let us take his message

His ministry of Hope

And build a future of tomorrow

That we can call ourselves a Home


Stop hating

Stop dying

Stop crying

Stop rhyming

We can never stop






In every single way

Clear the way!

Make a stay!

Claim the day!

For us

Our people

Our home


That’s all we ever asked for

Just a place to call your own

To lay your head down

To cleaned up from our travels

On the roam

Our paths

We cannot ever really tell

Will surely pass again

As certain as there’s a Hell


There is

It’s inside of you

And the place you keep locked away

Is the brightest, most pure form

Of anything to be seen on any single day


God’s Love

Like 12 inches of fresh powder

On the fluffiest of domes





That’s how our new day begins

Bedazzled and brand new

1000 possibilites come rushing

Like the morning mist of dew


My heart is all wide open now

Everything is bare and raw

Protect it quick!

Make it stronger and bigger and something

Before the icy grips and claws of negativity

Nasty thoughts and doubt

That I should ever stop writing

It makes me want to shout!


Shout it from the rooftops

The balconies

The mountain peaks

The visage of the Son

Comes into view now

We are in His time

He chose us

And we paved the way


For this new Horizon

New scope

New vision

New hope

We hope

That it’s clear

Our message is from the Heart

For all of you to hear


Listen up!

For we may not say it again

This minute

This hour

Or any time

This year!


For this moment

Our intentions all align

Bring together now

The positionings of our spine

To put it back together

Get us straightened

For the start

Of a New Era

Where we listen with our Heart

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