The Wisdom of Uncertainty


“In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty… in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning.

And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.”

-Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Above I have included a quote from the book I’ve most recently finished about the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success according to an incredible physicist and philosopher; Deepak Chopra. In this book Dr. Chopra guides the reader through the Laws of 1) Pure Potentiality, 2) Giving, 3) Cause and Effect, 4) Least Effort, 5) Intention and Desire, 6) Detachment, and 7) Dharma. These laws connect us to our existence, supplying all that we desire.

I have chosen to speak specifically about the wisdom of uncertainty, for it corresponds with the law most difficult to align with (for most, including myself): detachment. Detachment involves removing yourself completely from the world at hand, and seeing how it operates. You begin to realize you are a part of the swirling and vibrating energy fields all around you, and you lose all sense of separation from the environment and other beings. It sounds wonderful, but when the ego catches wind of this phenomenon, it is brought to a crashing halt.

In order to bypass the defensive mechanisms of the ego and experience true bliss; the joy of complete oneness with the universe, we must move into a realm of being where our confidence cannot be lost. The realm in question is one that allows the ego to experience freedom, without fear of the unknown. When you have moved into this way of being, you can almost certainly never return, for you will have gained wisdom that is unknowable once it is known. That is what I wish to share with you this evening.

The Prison of Past Conditioning

We all know what it feels like to be a slave to our memory. We are filled with past regrets, past habits, past grief and suffering, and other destructive patterns that our mind creates to keep us trapped. Why do we allow ourselves to remain in such a prison? Who is stopping us from grabbing the keys and escaping to freedom? Only ourselves. Only you have control over what world you live in; your mind only tries to make sense of it, label it, and store the experience. Don’t blame your mind or try to escape it; it will always be with you. Rather, you can transcend the world that the mind understands and take on the entire cosmos.

Freedom from the Known

Once you have separated from identity with your mind and its fabricated reality full of problems and suffering, you begin to see the full picture; the world as it is. Rather than painting a mental image and then comparing to what you actually see, you see with new eyes; accepting everything and judging nothing. In this way, you have released what is known, for you have created a new era of time and space for yourself to exist in; one that does not depend upon past conditioning in order to be realized. You now choose, in every single moment, how you will respond and what direction you will take. This frees you from the prison of the mind and lets you wander into the unknown.

Step into the Unknown

Stepping into the unknown is very difficult, for it is taking a leap of faith so to speak. But this leap of faith isn’t into oblivion, and you aren’t waiting for a distant god to come save you. Nay, you are the master of this universe you reside in, and so you step into a world you have co-created with every other master residing here. Because you have only supplied your piece, everyone else will have something that surprises and entices you. In this experience, you realize your true unique and creative potential, which is vast and limitless, and so you see everything you could possibly become. The next step is realizing that every other being here also has this vast and limitless potential for creation and unique expression, making this a giant mysterious and exciting game for all eternity, since we don’t just go away after death 😉


That brings us to surrender. What is death? Is there an afterlife? Does it even matter? Those questions only you can answer, just as with the question of there being a supreme being in the universe, and so on. Surrender is the only way to come to terms that there is no overarching answer to all the questions in life. God does not fill the blank when we ask what there is to live for, for God looks different to everyone, so the purpose for each person is completely unique. When you surrender to this realization, you let yourself fall away into the specks of stardust that make up each of our bodies, and even further still into the fathomless and immeasurable abyss that we know as consciousness. The pervading consciousness of the universe connects us all, moves us all, flows through us, and allows us to dance freely.

The Dance of the Universe

There is no certain way to describe it, for we each feel it differently. The only thing I can say as to this Universal Dance is that it is bliss in motion. When we meditate, we usually sit still; observing the entire cosmos shifting endlessly. We get to watch the Universal Dance. However, we can participate in the Universal Dance in our waking lives too! This is what I like to refer to as our flow; the motion of your body, the releasing of mind, and the connection with spirit that unifies our entire being throughout the 3 dimensions we perceive and beyond. Each person’s flow is completely unique, so I cannot describe it for you, nor do I wish to list examples. Whatever it is, you will know it; for it is the one thing you can do that brings your unique personality into this reality, and do it effortlessly. When you find it, you will be in the dance of the universe; surrendering to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance. You will be detached from outcome or form. You will have stepped into the wisdom of uncertainty.

The Wisdom of Uncertainty

We never know. We know not if we will survive the night, or if we will live 1000 years. Time cannot tell us. History cannot tell us. Our churches cannot tell us. Our schools cannot tell us. Our doctors, psychics, and healers cannot tell us. We must accept that there is no way to truly know. Whatever your faith tells you, follow it. But don’t expect to know the outcome. Does God share his master plan with even his angels? They must live in constant uncertainty of how events will play out, just as we must. The ultimate ending will be different for us all, if it even exists.

Regardless of what you believe, eternity is a concept that is prevalent in all circles, for you cannot stop time. It is simply a measurement; a dimension in reality that takes into account linear recollections of experience. The mind likes to reside in the dimension of time so as to catalogue every memory chronologically. When you step past this need to live in linear time, to realize that everything that can already has happened, is happening now, and will happen again in the future; you move beyond the prison of attachment, and you experience all there is, right here and now. You don’t get hung up on details that may or may not cause suffering; for suffering is only due to remaining attached to something in the past. When you see that the past doesn’t exist; it is only a shadow of the entirety of existence, then you move past what you ‘know’ and finally step into the unknown.

This can be a process for some, as you let go different pieces of your life that you may have thought were part of you. In reality, we are part of all there is, and so the only separation we feel is from fear. That fear comes from the unknown, if we do not accept that it is the best wisdom we can achieve. For without fear comes confidence, and with confidence comes authentic presence. When you have stepped into your authentic being, you have started dancing with the universe, all on your own. Sleep well loved ones. Until next time, Namaste.

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