For Those About to Fight

For those about to rock,
We salute you
For those about to fight,
We disrepute you,
Criticize and abuse you
Ridicule and demean you
Chew you up
Spit you out
And maim you.

You got blood on your face
Your hands
Your gear
We brainwashed and used
You and your brothers
Breeding hate
And fear.

Now our streets are the ones
Who need changing
Version 2.0
With weapons and violence and greed
No mo!

We’re on the same team now
It’s time to show them how
This country changed the world
Why we used to be free and brave and bold.
Now we just bully and beat
Until everyone’s out in the streets
Or they run red
Or they killed our heads
Filled them
With doubt
Misery and strife
With fear
With hate
With ego

More like you live everyday
Or you die slowly.
We need another way.

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