What is Truth?

Usurps the tyranny of lies
Overthrows the reign of injustice
Ends the era of darkness

The destruction of illusion
The antidote to inequality
The cure for suffering

All knowing
All powerful
All encompassing

Breaks the barrier of our minds
Unleashes the spirit of creation
Restores balance to our existence

The purveyor of knowledge
The master of the labyrinth
The skeleton key of life’s prison

The enemy of ignorance
The warrior of our souls
The atom bomb of freedom

Gives us new beginnings
Each time we open our eyes
Gives us hope that one day
We will reach the skies

The hardest pill to swallow
The straw that made the camel’s back break
The loneliest road to follow
The one that cuts through red tape

The seeker of Love
The bringer of Light
The gift from above
That lets us take flight

Takes us beyond
What we always thought we could
And reveals to us clearly
Everything we know we should

The path of righteousness
The eternal bliss
The gateway to enlightenment
Our reason to exist

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