My Existence is Rebellion

My existence is rebellion

I am here to refute

The notion that we have

To give up

To give in

To forget, without forgiving

To forgo that which we love

To imagine that this life

Is all we have


I will not stop

Being the Light

I will illuminate

The darkest areas

Of the world

Of the soul

Of the beauty we all possess


My existence is rebellion

They try to tear me down

Indoctrinate me

Teach me there is only one Way

One Light

One Truth


We are all the Way

We are all the Light

We are all the Truth

We are all ME

I am that I am


My existence is your life

I show you what is inside

I illuminate what is hiding

I bring forth your good side

While the darkness dissipates

In the growing light of your being

My heart becomes yours

We beat together as one


In a Universe that feels separate

Nothing is holding us apart

We are made from the stars

The dust of Creation

Has forever swirled in our midst

Will forever form what is imagined

Now, creates the scene before your eyes

Does light ever cease?

Can our flame be extinguished?


Not as long as our love survives

Love for each other

Love for Creation

Love for ourselves

Love for growing Love

Spreading Love

Being Love

Seeing Love everywhere


Love is Light

It binds us

It unites us

It shines on us and within us and through us

It never stops

Just like time


Our existence is rebellion

Against the constructs of reality that limit our comprehension and trap us in only one state of being, while all states are made available to us.


Our light will never go out

Our love can never be stopped

Our flame will never extinguish


Our resistance is rebellion

Our love is rebellion

Our light is rebellion

To the darkness. To the Hate.

But without these,

Can light continue to shine?

2 comments on “My Existence is Rebellion

  1. They try to tear me down

    Indoctrinate me

    Teach me there is only one Way

    …..Resonates with the education system here in India.

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