Tiger’s Purr

Tiger's Purr JPG

I am the Tiger

Hear me purr

See my fur

My feet tread lightly
My head turns slightly

To see the jungle
To feel the magic

My eyes close
Until they are needed
No energy is spent
Until I invoke it

Complete mastery
Complete meekness

Never boastful
Nor concerned
With actions of others

I rule my domain
With the grace of a feather

I do not roar to intimidate
But to show my confidence
In my being

I am connected
To all in Nature
I bow to all
For all bow to me

Unfleeting courage
Lifts me up
Carries me on the eternal wind
That sweeps through my home

I dwell in the sacred space
I am of the warrior race
Never rushing
Always pushing

Not beyond my means
But past my comfort zone
I do not stray
Into the unknown
For all is known
All is seen
Within my being

My being is the Tiger
My roar is my purr
My armor is my fur

It can never be shed
As I am led

Into the eternal light
The eternal Love
Of Existence

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