Second Renaissance




Shed the skin

Release the paradigm

There is no sin


There is no feat

Too grand or too small

Everyone changes

The whole world evolves


Consciousness expands

Reconnecting you to Source

Reactionary forces disband

No pursuit is too coarse


Or too fine

To blaze tools or bake bread

They all intertwine

In the fathomless web of time


Time begins anew

A fresh day arises

Vegetation so green and sky so blue

Who in their right mind

Would ever dare to deny

The glorious rekindling

Of the everlasting fire

Burning within each of our souls

That unique spark

Is what keeps the Universe whole


Just the other day I wrote the poem above in streaming consciousness during a meditation in the sun. That means no thoughts went into this, and I didn’t stop writing until the idea finished with the last word given to me. Tonight, I’ve decided to spend a little time deciphering the poem for meaning and potential applicable lessons. Seemed like the best thing to do with such a piece of writing 🙂

It’s pretty clear we are talking about a revolution in the poem, however, the means of the revolution seem quite different from most. As with the first Renaissance, the Second would be a revolution of the mind, body, and soul, causing all three to meet on the physical plane for a period to bring creative, loving, and restorative energy to all of Earth’s citizens. This is a phase when violence will fade away, passions will be pursued, consciousness will expand, and the arts will be explored in all their forms. That is why the Renaissance is seen as a Rebirth.


Shed the skin, release the paradigm, there is no sin. When reptiles shed their skin, they leave behind the entire coating of their body that has died and fallen off. The reptile has outgrown its old skin and so has no choice but to let it go. That is how we will move beyond our current societal paradigms of reliance on fossils fuels, artificial scarcity, and unequal pay. More than that, we will let go of our old way of living, into a new age where people are no longer judged by others. Everyone is allowed free governance, for there are no crimes if no crimes are committed. When you release creatures or even humans to their own devices, they more often than not fall into a state of equilibrium with their environment and start working with others to make life more manageable and enjoyable. However, when an individual is alienated or abused because of their feelings or actions instead of forgiven and treated, they will grow to despise or avoid their masters and torturers.

There is No Feat too Grand or too Small 

Everyone changes, the whole world evolves. As the paradigm shifts and beings on Earth begin to move back toward their natural states, a sense of peace and ease falls over the land. This is because everyone makes a difference who participates in this movement. You can just talk about it, write about it, paint about it, scream it from the mountain tops, connect to the omnipresent mass unconsciousness and send positive vibrations, it doesn’t matter one bit. Every single effort made toward a vision of change will bring it ever closer. Just dreaming about it will make you start thinking about it. And then who knows, maybe it will become possible.

Consciousness Expands

Reconnecting you to Source. The Renaissance was a period of time where human beings adjusted their understanding of the Universe. New information, ideas, and works of art were being displayed on the public spectrum, forcing this innovation into the face of all. When a change so meaningful and beautiful as this is just sitting there for you to jump on the bandwagon, it’s really hard not to. In the case of the Second, it will be the same. The portrayal of raw human expression will connect the creator and the observer to each other and to the energy that was used to manifest this experience, which of course comes from our Source.

Reactionary forces disband. The more accepted this movement is by the general public, the more those in power and their reactionary forces will be forced to accept the change. The great news about today’s world is that peaceful protesting has worked and will work again. The support will be too great to oppress any longer.

No Pursuit is too Coarse or too Fine

To blaze tools or bake bread, they all intertwine in the fathomless web of time. I particularly love this section. Artisanship will be encouraged once again, meaning that people will take pride in their chosen craft, whatever that may be. One’s own interests, passions, and abilities will determine where one forms their pursuit and shapes their life path. Whatever is chosen ultimately does not matter, for time is a web of endless possibilities, while yet it matters most of all, for each person’s actions and choices determine the fate of the entire Universe. As said before, every effort toward change brings it closer, so everyone’s effort dedicated to their art form will change the world in its own way.

Time Begins Anew

A fresh day arises. What is time but a way to measure the days? Sure, there are weeks and months and years and decades and centuries and millennia and eons and eternities. Oh wait. But there are! Time is our measurement here on Earth only. If other life exists, or other consciousness, do you think that they use our ridiculous 24 hour day to measure every important event in existence? Absolutely not! Everything is relative, so measurement of any kind is useful only for comparison in areas that compare. This should be our approach for all of life. Allow each day (however long that may take you) to bring something new into your life. Forget about tracking time and start tracking progress. Work toward something instead of the end of the clock.

Vegetation so green and sky so blue. In a world free of fossil fuel burning, alternative energy reigns (and rains) supreme, for all things green are allowed to flourish and all things blue are left untarnished.

Who in their right mind would ever dare to deny the glorious rekindling of the everlasting fire burning within each of our souls? A fair question. To be honest, no one would be in their right mind if our souls finally woke up, shed the skin, and emerged from the ashes like a phoenix. Mind would no longer rule. It is used as a tool, only. When not in use, it is silent, letting the burning fire inside do the talking, thinking, and acting.

That Unique Spark

Is what keeps the Universe whole. The Universe is a bright ball of energy forever spiraling outward in fractal realities. The unique sparks that make up the Universe must first spiral inward fractalally to have self-realization, and then can freely move between its inner most self and the outer reaches of the Universe, feeling each piece that is making up the whole, all at once.

That is what you are, loved ones; Unique Sparks. If you take anything away from this reading, please remember: your natural state is peace and joy, every effort you make toward change matters, you can choose to adjust your understanding whenever you wish, any art form is accepted, every new day is a chance to start something new, and finally; you are and always will be, part of the whole. Namaste, and good night (for me at least).

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