Breathe Deep, Seek Peace


Recently I reread my favorite book from childhood: Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time by James Gurney. While it is actually vegan propaganda I discovered, the author also introduces concepts such as natural building and composting. It seems that this book has somehow become the Bible of the philosophies held in my own life. And, as it were, my favorite part of this book is something I try to practice every single day: breathing deep and seeking peace.

The author explains what “Breathe Deep, Seek Peace” means in the book: humans and dinosaurs, in order to coexist, leave their palms open in greeting, to show no ill will. As they open themselves in this way, they speak the words Breathe Deep, Seek Peace, which reminds them that they are equal and there is no danger as long as it is not sought. This saying literally embodies what my practice and purpose is all about here on Earth: bringing others to peace as I find the way there myself.

If we take the time in our daily lives to connect with our breath, to become aware of our surroundings, and to automatically accept everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and feel as being perfectly right in every single way, we have found peace. Peace is nonviolence. Peace is absence of fear. For when fear of retaliation is released, inner peace is restored. Peace is riding windhorse. Having the unconditional confidence in oneself and your current environment that everything is well and good; that is peace.

Our breath connects us to the Universal flow. When we find the breath, life moves effortlessly. Your mind lets go of whatever was hanging it up and starts operating as it was meant: autopilot. This means more freedom to solve problems quickly, adapt bodily responses at a moment’s notice, and creatively bring impulses from higher vibrations into focus for our 3D forms to interact with and bring into reality. When the brain is on autopilot, you cease to get stuck on useless repeating thoughts and start to constantly refresh the screen; giving you fresh awareness at each moment that passes. Time moves slower but you are never bored. You can do the most mundane and repetitive task without grief or lapse in effort, for you are connected with your breath.

The breath is constant. The breath is eternal. The breath gives us a moment to moment representation of what life is: an equal, infinite give and take. We must expel effort in order to exist, but then we must replenish the energy that is displaced through effort by eating or meditating. Breathing in gives us life; makes us unique. Breathing out gives our life force to the Universe; we become as One with all else that is. We do this every single time we breathe.

Once we accept the breath and allow it to flow through us, we start to feel the energy of the Universe. We start to feel the potential hiding beneath the surface. Anything we can imagine is possible, if we believe it to be true and know in our heart that it will become our reality. That is the stuff of miracles; to have enough faith to bring your absolute most precious desire into being for one moment, because you were moved by the Spirit. That spirit is within each of you, lying dormant, waiting to be woken and connected with once again. I encourage you to take the time whenever you have a spare moment, when you are meeting someone new, when you are interviewing for a job, or when you feel like you’ve lost it all, to just breathe deep and seek peace. I know if you do it, you’ll start to feel right as rain.

Those are my words for tonight loved ones. Thank you for reading. Much love, and namaste.


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