We Evolve As One

What happens when you can’t pick happiness?

You know that’s all it takes

Yet the effort seems too much

Too far out of reach

Not meant for this reality

You’re stuck in one spot

You keep looking around

Expecting the scenery to change

When you must change the inside first

It hurts too bad to go inside

It feels empty inside

It feels alone

The inside must be filled

But with what?

Something that is already there

You know what it is

Sometimes you can’t explain it

Sometimes you can’t even connect with it

It seems elusive


That’s because you are

You are less involved in your life

And more involved in your mind

So that isn’t the inside we mean

Exit mind, enter soul

What is the soul?

We all have one

So they say

What makes us unique?

Could you really describe?

Fundamentally, we are all the same

The same compounds


And atoms

Yet slight changes in our codes

Create completely individual specimens

That know exactly how to grow

How to adapt

The ones that don’t either mutate or die off

And so have we become what we are today

That does not mean we haven’t been something else

Or that we won’t turn into another eventually

It does mean we are what we are

We ARE here

We ARE now

We won’t be we in the future

For everything will have changed

For every single person, animal, and plant

We will have a new WE

But until that then

Let’s just enjoy being WE

And evolve together

Won’t you join me?

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