Era of the Heart

Thoughts spilling onto paper like tear drops in a torrential downpour of emotion.   Bleeding hearts call out on this day! Your wounds shall be assuaged Let us together Kiss back the holes That we scornfully placed Upon the beloved’s fair flesh   How dare we! A mere mortal Animal Lustful Sinful Prideful Disrespectful   […]Read Post ›


Conceptualize Visualize Terrorize Theorize Theatrical Theory Thoroughfare Tyrannical Terrarium Triangular Treasures Trembling Crumbling Carrying Corroborating Celebrating Celebration Imagination Fornication Exploitation Exploration Expediate Navigate Investigate Appropriate Appropriate Apple Fuck Elevate Communicate Commune Communion Coming Forming Moving Loving Trying Working Fixing Improving Improvement Improvisation Corroboration Combustion Combusting Combust Bust Into flames Ideas Rapidly forming Ever-changing Ideas New […]Read Post ›