Make Each Day Brand New

Bold title, I know. But that really is the quintessential achievement for humans seeking self-improvement. What am I saying? Basically that if we are able to take each day, and make it a complete and wonderful adventure that we have never experienced before, then we have succeeded as living beings and will enjoy the rest of our lives Here.

I truly believe that it is possible to make each day so unlike the one before, that it seems like a distant memory. This is not to say that reminiscing on good times, or even remembering the amazing news you got yesterday, is a bad thing. More so, to relive our yesterdays is to stay stuck in the past. Once we have lived through a day fully, we should keep our lessons, and move on to the next with a blank slate.

So, how do we go about doing something as extraordinary as what I am claiming? First, we must GO somewhere new. This somewhere can be in our minds, meaning pondering ideas we never have before, or more obviously; a location. This can be a venue, a restaurant, a city, a park, or somewhere in nature we have never experienced before. Second, we must DO something new every day. This can be a new activity, a new attitude, or simply exercise. Thirdly, and probably most importantly; is to LEARN something new. Learning comes in all forms: body, mind, and soul; so be open to experiencing any and all of them. Next, we will discuss how to BE brand new every single day. And finally, we will begin to SEE brand new.

Go Somewhere New

As I mentioned, going somewhere new can be a certain place. This is easy for most of us. It may involve some driving, walking, hitchhiking, or even flying, but it means we must be open to travel. Traveling is one of the best ways to refresh your perspective and give you insight into how the world works outside of your comfort zone. This is very important to making each day brand new; expanding your comfort zone. We all live in these little bubbles that we create for ourselves with our best friends, our favorite foods, and our favorite activities; meanwhile forgetting that the world offers us something we’ve never imagined possible if only we look.

To go somewhere new in the mind, is to expand your consciousness, which in turn will expand your comfort zone. Expanding your consciousness is something that makes you more complete as a Being in this reality. You become more in touch with yourself, by learning more about how the world relates to you and what your role in it may be. I cannot tell you how to do this, because it will be different for each person dependent upon your experience. I can give you tips, however; reading any nonfiction, especially topics surrounding spirituality or self-help, brainstorming new ideas, attending think tanks (you will probably have to search for them), and of course there are certain herbal and psychedelic remedies you can ingest (not recommending this, but it has helped me personally).

Do Something New

Going and doing are a little bit different. You can be in a common place for yourself, and be doing something completely radical in your personal experience. I think that trying out a new attitude towards life is probably the best way to do something new; because even if you are going through your regular routine, a new attitude can completely change your perspective on your daily life. A new attitude may be: smiling at every person you see, laughing at yourself when you make a mistake, or just reminding yourself of the positive traits you possess throughout your day. Then of course you can try new things: such as yoga, meditation, working out, walking in nature, drawing, painting, dancing… the list is endless. If you haven’t done it, try it at least once to see if you like it.

Learn Something New

Again, doing and learning are different. Doing can be attributed to any activity throughout your day. This includes mindless tasks or repetitive activities that you may be obligated to perform. Learning is much more than this, for it involves training your brain, teaching your body, or stirring your soul. When you learn something, you make it a part of who you are. You now have added a skill set, a character trait, or just peace of mind to your repertoire; and if you continue to use it, you will never forget it. In fact, I believe we never truly lose what we learn; we merely glean what is most important from it, so that we may use it every single day. To learn something new every day is quite a challenge for some people, so I would recommend finding a partner to start learning with. Language lessons, dance lessons, yoga classes, music production, art classes; these are things that I personally strive to learn every day and expand my knowledge in these areas.

Be Brand New

Easier said than done. To be brand new is to shed your old skin. Wipe off the dust and the tears and the blood from yesterday and give yourself a fresh coat of skin cells and a fresh perspective on your life. Wake up with a smile. If you don’t have one, make yourself smile. Realize that it is all your choice what your attitude will be this day, and every day from this moment forward. You choose your reality. Sure, there are other people, circumstances in our lives, and obligations we must fulfill. That will never change. SO GET USED TO IT! Tell yourself it doesn’t matter what your situation is, you are Here to make the best of it. When you can take this approach, you will allow yourself to be surprised and experience the synchronicity that is happening all around you; every second of every day. All the beings: the trees, the birds, the bees, the people, the plants, the wind, the sun; ALL of them are Here, exactly at this moment, for YOU to experience. Open your eyes and you will start to feel brand new, because you are living in a world you have never truly seen before.

See Brand New

One of my favorite lines is “your lover will never be the same person as they were yesterday.” This is true for every single person. The reason it is so powerful to say ‘your lover’ is because they are usually the closest person to us. This is to imply that you can never expect someone to act the way they have in the past. Something may have changed them without their knowing, and certainly without your knowing, and so we must accept and revere whatever change they experience. When you can do this, you will start to see the inner light in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you. You will see that everyone is doing their best Here in this reality to make the world a better place. No one wants to hurt others, nothing wants to hurt you, we are all Here together making the best of what we are given, each and every day. There is no escaping this present moment, so stop daydreaming about killing your boss and start getting along with the people who are in your life. Forgive all trespasses against you. Forgive yourself for judgment, and bad decisions. Realize that you have no mistakes; only lessons. Sometimes we repeat the lessons until we apply them to our lives. Do this every day; find the lesson, and every morning you wake up, you will feel 100% Brand Spanking NEW.

Namaste loved ones. Until next time ❤

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