We Started as Blackness

We started as blackness

The swirling abyss

The depth of creative energy

No light, no creation, no time, and no space

Nothing existed except for the All

The All that was One

Inseparable, indifferent, infinite, and yet somehow incomplete


The darkness wanted an opposite

An expression of its vast potential

So a creator came forth from the void

To build and to perceive


Always able to return to Oneness

Whenever building was complete

First came masculine and feminine

Power to control and to conceive

These two opposites reflected each other

A Cosmic Mirror for these Beings


When the two are united

Again the Universe becomes whole

But after much cooperation

The division between them seemed a black hole


And so it was

Dark separated from Light

The two in a constant Dance

Balancing each other

Day unto Night


With day came activity

The lay of the land

The way of the Man


With night came moon time

Connection with Source

The Feminine Divine


For eons our Mother and Father

Taught us equally

Gave us sight

Showed us how to create and then Love our creations


We became stars

Joining together to form endless galaxies

As our Beings became restless

We yearned for something more

Separating ourselves further from the ever-loving core


We became more like Father

Creating and then destroying

Stars exploded

Leaving holes in Eternity


But Mother saved us

Showed us how to put back the pieces

We formed planets and solar systems

To follow our previous Masters; the Stars


Those who remembered our origins

Returned to the Source

Then came back as teachers

To show us how to ascend our physical form


From planets came moons

Mother’s attempt to balance our moods

Her loving gift to help us purge

And to start anew


Despite all Her efforts

We still followed in Father’s wake

We created life

In order to prove we were great


A living reflection of the stars is what we became

Further separated from the All

In an ever-changing game


A game of survival

Of suffering

Of loss

So much that it led us to killing

So much has it cost


We are the fallen angels

The collapsed stars of old

To live out lives of evil

Of atrocities untold


But this is only one way

The way of knowing

The way of the Father


Mother teaches us hers

Which is of loving and surrender

To that which cannot be known


Today a new way emerges

The middle of the two

Encompassing both wisdom and compassion

It is not an easy thing to do


For this way involves living

Giving way to the flow

Giving love to allow growth


Growth within and beyond

To all the lost souls

So that they may find once again

Their way back to Home


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