Today I Float

Today I float

I carry on with the greatest of ease
Being swept away with the lightest breeze
Feeling lifted as if I had wings
I am the butterfly

Lighter than a feather
Spreading joy and laughter

The spirit of the child
Lives within my soul
I sprinkle it along
Any paths I behold

I converse with the flowers
For days that seem like hours

I am heaven sent
A gift from above
To provide the incentive
To life life with Love 

For what other use
Does a butterfly have
But to be a quiet reminder
Of the beautiful yet sad

Truth of existence
That we do not stay forever
But our spirit lives on
To encourage another

To keep life going
With the end of our own
Into the abyss of the unknown

This is our Home
The Source of our Love
To whence we all return
When below becomes above

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