Break Down the Barriers of Your Heart

Break down the barriers of your heart!

Give yourself a fresh start

We have unlimited potential to love

From the ugliest beetle to the prettiest dove

All beings are encompassed within our soul

It merely takes looking, and relaxing our hold

On what we think we control

For what we control is nothing but the ideals of old

Let us make those ideals brand new

Rebuild this world that has gone askew

See the perfection that is all around

Release the shackles: become unbound

For the only thing holding you back

Is the story your mind tells you, of everything you lack

How could you lack anything

When your being embodies everything!


Break down the barriers of your heart

Realize you can create a forest fire from a little spark

You have that spark within you

It never is extinguished; it always ignites anew

Fear is the idea that prevents us from seeing love

And all the many gifts sent to us from above

When we see that we are part of a whole

We begin to understand our chosen role

We can live authentically each and every day

If only we let go of fear and let love stay

In this moment, so beautiful and pure

Nothing can take away this moment’s allure

You are not controlled by fear but rather the inventor

Instead of walking towards fear, open another door

The door of love is always unlocked

For our heart pervades all paths if it is unlocked


Break down the barriers of your heart

You and love can never truly part

We are one with love; it is the essence of our being

Begin to love yourself, and you will start believing

Not only in your own limitless power

But the power of others to construct Heaven’s tower

This tower shall be placed on Earth

To give all bliss and endless mirth

For our time here in this reality

Although it is masked in brevity

We actually reside together in eternity

We cannot escape the oneness love provides

But who would want to run from love and hide?

Only those who cannot see

The truth of everlasting beauty

To bring them to the light is our duty!


Break down the barriers of your heart

We are here to give the world a fresh start

And so we begin with ourselves

Forgiveness, acceptance, and love are the gel

The glue that binds all in existence

And lets us partake in the Universal Dance

We are always part of the party

We just have to come heartily

This means to be full of heart

And to come ready to express your art

For our unique expression is our role

That lets us find our place in the whole

Never forget this beautiful truth

Let us forever reside with a heart full of youth!

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