I Am Effortless

I am effortless

I ride the wind

I soar above the clouds

I am a bird of prey


I do not seek

I wait

The Universe brings

What my heart desires


I do not attach

I am always roaming

I am the perpetual student

The student of life


Freedom is inherent

At the very core of my being

I can never be contained

For my energy is limitless


I love all there is

For everything I see

Is part of me

I let my feelings fly


I am unafraid

I take the dive


Emboldened by my spirit


I am empowered

To be authentic

No other can influence who I am

I am the embodiment of truth


My wings lift me to Heaven

Only by being

I am grateful for the gifts

Bestowed upon me


Beauty is inherent

Within each of us

To bring it to the surface

Is the challenge of life


The challenge is overcome

Not through work

But through peace

I accept all there is


I drift in silence

Going with the flow

Forever listening

To the whispers of love


I am effortless

I need nothing more

I am here to be me

And to show others their own Truth

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