Quote of the Day: 9/19/11

“Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will get you ANYWHERE.”

-Albert Einstein

Today is a day for new beginnings. The summer is coming to a close, the leaves are starting the change, the weather starting to cool. Responsibility is being thrust upon us after the lazy summer days. That doesn’t mean you can’t remain in the euphoric state that beaches, barbecues, and bikinis put you in.

Imagination, according to Einstein, can get you anywhere. To have imagination is to stay youthful and optimistic about your life and events surrounding you. Even though the days will be shorter and the nights less eventful, doesn’t mean you have to stop believing that great things can happen everyday. Don’t let logic bring you down; don’t get overwhelmed with the minute details and forget about what things in life matter most to you. Never let go of your dreams. You don’t have to grow up all the way if you don’t want to.

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