Quote of the Week: 7/18/11

“Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.”


This week’s quote may seem cheesy and overused, or maybe even confusing, but it means a lot to me. One thing that most people would say about my personality is that I dream big: I always have ideas of grandeur for my profession, for my travels, and for accomplishments throughout my life. Some may say this is a fault, but I think it is crucial in life to have big dreams in order to escape the daily grind. If you can separate yourself from everyday life and focus on the big picture of why you are doing the things you do, then it puts life into perspective and makes problems seem more like small hurdles and less like humongous obstacles. Always try to have at least 1 or 2 big dreams that you spend a couple of minutes each day thinking about, to keep that constant reminder in your head.

Now obviously, the quote has a second part, which is almost as important as the first, and that is keeping your feet on the ground. This means that although you have big dreams, you need to create a game plan to actually achieve them. Goal setting is important, as well as setting key milestones on the path to accomplishing your dream, and certain times where you check and analyze your progress. Without this ‘realist’ portion of the quote, you’ll spend your whole life daydreaming and never accomplishing anything. If you live life without your head in the clouds, however, you’ll never have anything to look forward to. So, dream big, but back it up with a plan to get there. Good luck and kick ass this week in achieving your dreams!

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