Quote of the Week: 7/11/11

“There are 3 kinds of people in the world, the wills, the won’ts, and the can’ts. The first accomplish everything; the second oppose everything; the third fail in everything.”
-Eclectic Magazine

This quote has always been one of my favorites, because it helps to keep me positive no matter what trials I am facing. It’s easy to be a can’t person; someone who makes excuses for why they can’t accomplish something or even take on a task. The trick is to eliminate can’t from your vocabulary, and just say you ‘will’ do whatever it is you want to attempt.

Saying ‘won’t’ involves being strong-willed, but in a negative light. Instead of being open-minded, won’t people will simply say no to an opportunity; either because it seems too hard or in some way against their principles. It is important to analyze the situation, and if it can be advantageous to you, then say you ‘will’ and get started on it.

No matter what life throws your way, if you remain positive and open-minded toward the situations you are faced with; you will remain a ‘will’ person and achieve results. That is the path to success. Use this quote this week whenever you are feeling discouraged about something going on in your life, I know it will help by just saying you will do it.

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