Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Alright, not to be redundant, but sex is so taboo… still! We live in a society that uses sexual arousal as a means to motivate consumption. It has become bastardized, I get that. But let’s forget about all of that for a second! What is sex? Sexual intercourse, for a lot of people (and most animals), is just a means for reproduction. It is normally a shameful, or somehow primal act, that degrades us to mere primates or further.

Who feeds us this shit? Sexual expression is one of the most beautiful art-forms on the planet. Do I watch pornography? Hell yes I do. Is it because I need to get off every five minutes? No, but it is nice to appreciate the actual act between two (or more people) in a stylistic, artistic view sort of way. Do I expect to receive some sort of satisfaction or gratification out of watching others have sex? Of course not! I simply appreciate it, just as I appreciate participating.

What am I getting to? All things sex: sexual humor, sexual expression, freedom of the body, sexual appreciation, tantric sex, making love; they all are different ways that we may open our sacral chakra without guilt. Rape, molestation, and any sexual advances made out of aggression will instill guilt in the perpetrator. If they do not express the guilt, it is because they are not aware that what they did was even wrong. We need to find these people immediately and help them identify themselves so they can see the consequences of their actions.

Our sacral chakra is our seat of kundalini, or sexual energy. This is the creative ‘juice’ behind all great works of art. Our expression of this juice can come directly from our loins, as it does during orgasmic sexual intercourse. There are many, many other ways to express our creativity, however. I could list all those which I prefer, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about 😉

It has been seen in many different cultures that repression of sexual energy, or rather, the prevention of the physical act which bonds the sacred feminine and masculine through a sharing of energy; is the main cause for all violence in this world. That’s right! When we repress our sexual energy, we are in a way betraying ourselves. We are making ourselves feel guilt for the sexual attraction we may feel. The feeling is completely natural though! The expression of the energy is where most get into trouble, so let’s go over that for a minute.

Since sexual energy seems to feel so deep in our core, we associate it with intuition or our primal nature; instinct. This has caused us to try to distance ourselves from the ‘animal’ side of ourselves which craves sex. Instead, we objectify sex into something we ‘achieve’ or ‘unlock’, or we create fantasies where all our sexual desires are fulfilled. While it is totally fine to have sexual fantasies, we need to be able to find a partner willing to bring those to life. When we think we have found a partner that enjoys sex, we sometimes explore our own desires before checking in with our partner’s boundaries. This can lead to aggressive or simply awkward encounters.

If a succession of these encounters is forming for an individual, they may become frustrated and act out in violent ways. This violence can by physical, emotional, or many times sexual. I believe that sexual violence comes from the stifling of our creative energy through the self-judgment bestowed upon us by religion and society. Without the “eyes of God” judging your sexual activity, we can feel free to express ourselves in any way that doesn’t encroach upon the boundaries of others.

I encourage you all to explore the deep sexual urges and desires that spring from inside you. Observe them. See where they come from. Don’t be afraid of them. See if you can find ways to express these desires. Starting alone, learning more about them is a fantastic way to inform yourself and to release judgment and objectivity.

Sex is an expression of art; nothing more, nothing less. It is the same as a dance, as a conversation, as a painting, as a run through the woods. We are here to explore our desires and manifest a more loving and peaceful reality. We can do this through full self-expression, and for me, sex is part of that expression! If it is for you too, then celebrate it! I love you all, and I hope you enjoy your new-found appreciation for sex. Good night ❤

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