Conscious Problem-Solving

Advice is sought often but rarely followed. Why is that? Why do we continually ask for help without ever making the effort to follow through? Are we afraid to help ourselves, or do we even know that it is possible? The truth is, most people are not aware that they can and must become the solution to their own problems if they are ever to escape them. Instead, most of us wander around aimlessly hoping to catch a ride anywhere but here; running away from the only thing that can truly help: you.

So how do we go about helping ourselves? Why should we even try, when there are so many people suffering in this world? I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I do believe that we become our most helpful and giving self when we know how to feel happy and complete. That will be the focus of this post; a short guide on how to find conscious solutions to problems in our every day lives and the world at large.

Conscious Solutions

What does being conscious mean? We could debate all day, so let’s just summarize; consciousness is being aware of your inner and outer self, which includes your emotions, actions, and surroundings. Most people are conscious for at least part of their daily routine, but our world is filled with distractions that draw our attention away from the present moment. These distractions can give us ideas of solutions to problems we may face, but are most likely not facing now. So we pursue the solutions, which may be objects, vehicles, clothing, food, a new home, a vacation, a prescription drug, etc, to no avail, since we are trying to solve a problem we don’t have in the first place.

When I say problem, I mean a matter involving violence, conflict, distress, or conundrum. These are issues we face in our daily lives that carry stress and require us to make a decision. This decision can be major or minor, but the importance placed upon it becomes intensified depending on the situation and your overall state of being. When making any decision, it is important to be conscious not only of your emotional state, but of your mental and physical states, and your surrounding environment. Awareness will allow you to see the larger picture, and act according to the Highest Good.

The Highest Good

I have mentioned the Highest Good before, but I will reiterate: this is a state of existence all beings may pursue, in which their actions align directly with the cosmic will, or the Universal Dance. This means that there is no resistance in your life, and you surrender to the will of the Universe. The Highest Good is the ideal state for all beings and is the ultimate expression of compassion and equality.

To find the Highest Good, we must ask ourselves certain questions when faced with the problems we have discussed. These questions revolve around three means of situation-analysis that are as practical as they are spiritually significant.


The first question we must ask regarding any solution to a problem must be: what is the essence of the solution? What is the fundamental action I must perform in order to find a solution? This will obviously be situation-specific, so I cannot give you a list of commonly performed actions. Instead, let me guide you further: is the essence of your proposed solution beneficial to yourself? Is it beneficial to others? Does it invoke violence? Does it involve sharing love? These are questions that will get you closer to the solution you are looking for.


The quality is going to be of utmost importance if we are to make a conscious decision. What is quality? It is the combined inherent and perceived value a particular action may garner when performed. So is quality objective or subjective? The answer is: both. Certain actions may be valued by nearly all if not all beings in a given situation. However, if the situation is in this case more meaningful to the subject facing a problem, the perceived value may be higher. Consider the quality of your chosen action: is this the most conscious decision I can make? Will this reflect the quality of my character when I act? Am I outwardly projecting my true inner self?


Finally, we must consider our intention behind the action. Some will say that actions speak louder than words, and they may be correct. However, some words require action to even utter them in the first place, and some words inspire action. So then how can one differentiate which is louder or by implication more important? We cannot. The intention behind any action is in the eye of the beholder. The good news is, the only beholder that truly matters will be the one making the decision. However, with good intention backing up your action, the Universe will be conspiring to bring you the desired result. What is good intention? That which is intended to be in alignment with the Highest Good. How do we know when we are aligned with the Highest Good? By surrendering to the present moment and allowing our intuition to guide our heart to the correct decision.

Make the Call

After analyzing the problematic situation in a conscious way, you are ready to act. From this point forward, you are on your own, but in a way, you are not. You see, all those beings that are already aligned with cosmic will are rooting for you to make the call. What call? The one that brings you into alignment with the Highest Good. It may not always be clear which way to go when faced with tough problems in our lives, but when we use this guide to help us see the situation fully and to see our options, we can take the firmest step forward possible. It’s not quite scientific, but it just might work for you.

Good luck in the mystery we call life! Until next time loved ones. Namaste and good night.

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