The Art of Flow

Flow. It’s such an indescribable word, for it describes the motion of everything. Our Universe is constantly in motion, as it is composed of purely energy. That energy condenses into physical matter, but only when we, as observers, focus our energy of thought upon it. For most of us, at least at this point in our human experience, we are stuck mostly in the physical realm; meaning that we do not step back as observers of our own lives and the larger world around us. With this short-sighted view, we are merely looking at a mirror all of the time; missing out on the other half of our lives.

You see, darkness is not evil… unless you make it that way. Evil comes from greed. Greed comes from a fear of not having enough; of poverty. The fear of poverty comes from the fear of suffering and pain. When we realize that suffering and pain is part of the world of duality that most people choose to spend a majority of their time in, we can transcend beyond the need to classify experiences as positive or negative. Everything just is, as it is, right Now. It will never be the same again.

I have described what is my understanding of the flow of the Universe, and how we came to be. To me, thoughts are just snippets of an ever-streaming flow of consciousness that are captured to be focused on for a duration of linear time (which is completely subjective when one is in tune with it). It’s interesting that those thoughts are not necessarily “our own,” as we share consciousness and therefore the thoughts are just floating, or flowing around ‘out there.’ The ether is part of us, it is us, and what has made us. It’s the creative juice of the Universe, and our Creator Force is the flow, the movement, the motion, the art, the beauty, the perfection of existence… It is the balance of masculine and feminine. It is pure expression of consciousness.

Some call it No-Mind. Some call it Diamond Mind. I learned it from playing soccer. It’s a realm of complete awareness. Complete focus. Not a control, but a ‘harnessing,’ if you will. You are roping the storm. You are riding “WindHorse” as the Tibetans say. Every muscle, every cell in your body is in tune, for you are creating your own being from your Higher Self. You are embodying your Higher Self in every way you feel you are capable at that time. I believe we become more capable, the further we move into this state of “flow.” We cannot think our way into a happier existence, no more than we can think our way into the car. Use your brain for problem solving, for connecting the dots in your life, for finding lessons in past experiences you have held on to, for creating new and interesting ways to do the things you love, for dreaming of ways to make the world a better place, by making your own self the best possible representation of love that this world has ever seen.

I challenge you to do this. Be well loved ones. Until next time ❤

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