A Triptych Tribute


A Tribute

To the group formerly known as

The Triad of Triangular Enthusiasts

aka The Dick Trippers

aka The Triptych Family



A higher honor I could not receive

Than my time spent

As a member of this family

All of you are Heaven-sent


Here is my story

Of the formation of this crew

And a simple message

For all of you


Listen with Your Heart

Know it can never steer you wrong

If don’t GoGreen from the start

The road to paradise will be long


You ask yourself “Where is My Mind?”

As you slip into the Lucid Dream

Where the only characters to be seen

Are Aliens, Dolphins, and Playboys

Are they real or just mental toys?


We all Prepare to Adventure

Into the Digital Abyss

The musical accompaniment to this moving picture

Is pure and utter bliss


I’ma Get You High Tonight

Is a phrase used frequently

We all rise to a higher vibration

As we Enter the Seed


During our travels along the dream street

There are many more friends to meet

The Connoisseur of Hallucination takes us for a ride

As Cid and Nancy show us deep inside


We experience Heaven and Earth

We Got Sunshine in a Bag

We meet the Nite Crawler

Who really isn’t all that bad


Sure, there are Hard Times on this road

But the Serpentor assures we have a safe abode

Charming snakes, Wizards, and Spice all alike

He shows us about Love, Sex, and Fancy Things in life


We come to a crossing

We must choose to carry on or turn

There is no way of knowing

Which bridges we may Burn


The journey of love will Set You Free

Even when it seems

That No Rain will ever reach the sea


Don’t give up!

Just give in to the Drift Away Days

Realizing the lesson of this reality

Is simply that Friends=Family


My message to you is to Work It!

For you are my Favorite Star

Not a single Night Away

Could ever diminish the light that you are


Look at you

Shakin That Ass on the Floor

You know the way to the Candy Shop

Why don’t you show me the door


Only You

Are living proof that Troglodytes existed

But the human potential of People is what persisted


California Love

Is the most beautiful that I know

I Hold On to it

Even when I’m in Oregon, buried in snow


Nite and Day pass

As I am Lost in the thrill of it

I hear music playing

And realize This My Shit!


Nothing more do I wish

But to Rock With You once more

On The Holiday that lasts forever

For nothing is better than when we are Together


I Like it Raw

This Feelin that I get

It opens my heart

And I am Ready for Your Love once again


The Future is Yours

Even when you Bounce so hard you Break your back

For We Are Your Friends

Through the Universe and back!


Take me to the Function

So I can wear my Suit & Tie

“Au Seve” you say

And I reply “Okay”

So we Whip that

Until “HOW” Goes the Dynamite


I feel like a Carny

Each time you tell me “Let Me See You Work”

I’m really all Space & Smoke

As I perk and toke all the time

Everyday and Everynight


My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

But it’s time for the Percolator to hit this party

All the doors to Heaven open up

When we possess life’s Skeleton Key


You make your Booty Clap

While iMove onto the scene

The rhythm of the Raga Saga

Is heard Day ‘n’ Nite

Even as deep as the sea


Finally, I bring you a Message from the Stars

That we have the power of creation

Gods is what we truly are


So don’t be afraid

Beloved members of Triptych

Even the most drunken partier

Can manage to avoid tripping over their own dick!


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