Fare Thee Well


I don’t know that I could consider myself a “Dead Head,” since I’ve only really known who the Dead are since last year. My partner at the time is a huge Dead Head, and she would make her jewelry while listening to them for hours. At first, they sounded just like any other ‘classic rock’ band at the time. While I realize that is gravely overgeneralizing, I didn’t take the time to distinguish them from other bands of their time and beyond (which, has it really ended now?).

What I’m getting to, is that The Grateful Dead are more than just a band. For the band itself has fluctuated in size and lineup since its inception. The Grateful dead are a culture. Some say counter-culture, but I believe we are made up of our soul ‘tribes’ and these certainly are a tight-nit tribe. I will go so far as to say, that every single person that has come out and mentioned The Grateful Dead to me in conversation (at least since last year) has been a truly honest, loving, caring, peaceful, wise, and fun-loving being. And these happenings are increasing in volume for me.

You see, I’ve been delving into what makes the Dead such a powerful movement. My interest has ironically been piqued right as they enter their 50th year of performing and the supposed last performance of Further has passed (EDIT: It has not passed, but the John Mayer tour had not been announced when I wrote this). No matter if  I may be riding a bandwagon, because it’s definitely not the worst one to be on, to say the least 🙂

With all of the hype, a lot of love is shared too. That’s what I absolutely adore about the true followers of the Dead; they only want to turn the world into a loving and peaceful place. It’s like the spirit of Woodstock and the entire Hippie movement has lived on in these amazing souls. Of course, every movement waxes and wanes, but this is one that has endured through incredible adversity, yet also enjoyed the highest highs imaginable.

I sit here writing this; overwhelmed with a feeling of love just thinking about the Dead. My heart explodes thinking about the music, the fans, the art, the message… everything about it.

So, I have taken an image into my head. One of dancing bears in the forest, gathered around a campfire, kool-aid samples and rolled up flowers being passed around, no one being able to feel their face, and in the center of it all; a giant Koala bear, who is blazed out of his mind.

Who is this Koala you may ask? His name is Mishka, and he is who I have dedicated the drawing above to. He is the best friend of my past partner I mentioned before, and he is someone to me, who truly embodies the spirit of Jerry Garcia. I don’t say this lightly. I see the same look in his eyes, I hear the same Truth, I feel the same pain. I haven’t met anyone like Mishka, and this is how I see him. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Also, below are some poems I have written that were inspired by the Dead:


Today I am the Dead

I am the eternal spirit

The everlasting love

The perpetuating force

The underlying current

The invisible unifying thread

The spark within each soul

That makes us unique

And yet ties us together

Pure expression

Total freedom

Outlandish behavior

Fearless demeanor

Loving heart

Beauty Incarnate

I am not living

But part of what makes this world live

I inspire the art of all

I uncover the deepest soul gems

I last forever

In all lifetimes

All realities

I am not a destination

I am the portal

To the unmanifest world

The purely potential world

The world we can all create

Any moment

Any day

And keep here

Forever in our hearts


Breathe in Life, Become Individual

Breathe out Love, Become Universal


I am born

Fresh, new, unscathen

Open to the storm

Free from sin


I am alive

Free to make mistakes

Trying to find the right path

Learning the lessons of love


I die

Each time I release

A piece of me that no longer served

I obtain my higher purpose


I am reborn

Free from form

Limitless potential

I created the storm


The mudras serve me

Protect me

From the trappings of the mind

Connect me with Source

Unveil the mystery of Time

Never do I return

To my old way of Being

The past is there to teach me

Not be my eternal library


I stay Here

Never do I stray

Perhaps my thoughts do

But for me, nay


I have nowhere to be

But Here

In this place

I conquer my fear


No fearing the unknown

No crippling disease

Just living at Home

Feeling at ease



Resides within me

And permeates the cracks of existence

Filling my world with potentiality


Or moreso it becomes clear

I live with infinite possibilities

Anything I hold dear

Can be manifested, right Here


This isn’t imagination

This is co-creation

Our hearts raise the vibration

Our vision shapes the constellation


We stay Here

Every moment of every day

We are together

In every single way


Find your excitement

Discover your passion

Unveil your desires

Your life’s path you can fashion


Use others for inspiration

For they are Here to teach us

Motivate and push us

Lead us to innovation


We innovate reality

Every second we are alive

To think otherwise

Is to embrace death, to die


Do not forget we are eternal

Death only brings rebirth

Each morning we come back

Each night we leave Earth


Earth is just one Here

That we can possibly enjoy

So do not think you are limited



Fare Thee Well

Many Blessings

Peace be with You


Pura Vida


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