Riding Windhorse

Riding Windhorse

Riding Windhorse
Galloping swiftly 
On the wings of Time
Each moment passes 
As a separate Eternity
My consciousness explores
The depths of Existence

The Cosmic Mirror 
Reflects the eternal visage
The Universal Truth
Of Oneness

My steed is righteousness
My saddle is integrity
My reins are confidence
Together they form my Being

I exude Authentic Presence
I am secure atop my stallion

I ride like a wild mustang
That knows it can never be tamed

I fly like the Pegasus
With a shimmering golden mane

I reside amongst the clouds
Only touching Earth to recharge

I bring Heaven closer
To all of Gaia’s creations

Windhorse carry me!
Sweep me up and away
Return me to my home
The Source of my creation
Forever I will stay

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