Accept What IS


I touched on the topic of acceptance the other night, so today I have been inspired to share with you my thoughts on the process of acceptance and how it might help you in your life. To me, acceptance is synonymous with surrender, which can be defined as giving up completely. Now I don’t feel satisfied with this definition, as I’m sure you do not as well. Surrender means much more. It means that you feel utterly defeated by an oppressor and you have no choice but to succumb to their will. It also means that you feel compelled to give up all regards for the outcome and release yourself to the free flow of the Universe.

That is really what acceptance is all about; giving in, going with the flow, seeing things as they are, utilizing what you are given, and then drawing power from the current of energy that you experience. This obviously will require some explanation, so as you read through this passage, try to see yourself going through the process of full surrender to the events and circumstances in your life, so that you may more fully experience them, and then bend them to your advantage.

Giving In

Every journey begins with the tiniest step. Well, while this step is tiny in terms of how much work it takes, it is however the most difficult. Every day, we find ourselves struggling between our expected outcomes and the perceived reality. Why couldn’t there have been more sun? Why was it so hot today? Why was everyone so mean today? Why did I have to get a flat tire TODAY? Yes, these questions are common and very fair in the situation, but WHY are we asking them? Because we are not giving in. Something told us that today we should expect X and we are receiving Y. It’s not fair! Well guess what, life isn’t fair, as it has so eloquently been put, so suck it up. No but really, we can never expect to know what will happen this day or the next, all we can do is prepare ourselves to take every situation in stride, and keep a smile on our face the whole time. When you accept that this is the nature of life, you are much closer to realizing full acceptance.

Going With the Flow

What is “The Flow?” Going with the flow is such a hippie catch phrase nowadays, I’m wary to use it, but there is no better way to say what I am trying to say here. The Universe is constantly expanding, and in that expansion, every single thing that exists changes. Planets’ orbits shift because gravitational fields of stars adjust, those fields change because galaxies expand or contract, moving the stars as they go along. These giant gravitational upheavals send shockwaves throughout the Universe. The shockwaves impact everything in a sort of ripple effect. Essentially, we are lilypads in a giant pond that has boulders being thrown into it every minute. Everything affects us on our planet, we just can’t see it or feel it through our 3 dimensional sensory input. We feel in ‘in our bones’ so to speak, and that feeling is what I would say is ‘The Flow.’ So, that being said, we have a choice each and every day; to follow what it feels like The Flow is pulling us towards, or to resist, to counteract the change that is occurring, and to remain stuck like a rock in the rapids. When we follow the feeling that the Universe gives us, we begin to feel free because we are not choosing what we expect to do, but rather living in the Now and accepting all that life throws at us.

Seeing Things as They Are

Sounds simple enough, because it is. We so often label things or taint them with our perspective from the day. That just isn’t fair to whatever is happening right now! The moment is there for a reason, so are you going to reject it and see it through eyes of disdain, or are you going to accept it and appreciate everything you have been given? You do really have to choose how you approach each situation in life, for otherwise you feel like a victim, and no one likes to feel like that. Own your decisions, own the events in your life, own your perspective; just never expect to own anything or anyone else. When you reach this point, you will feel much more at ease with how things are going for you.

Utilizing What You are Given

Sometimes this can be hard. A lot of times it feels like we are given nothing. When we feel stress, when we have to deal with a negative person, when we feel inadequate or like we have failed, then we normally struggle to find any sort of meaning or lesson in what we have experienced. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of people feel all of their days; like they have nothing and the Universe is giving them nothing. This just isn’t true! It is a gift merely to be alive! Yet we dispose of our days as if they do not matter, and so in a lot of cases, they don’t. You have to make your days matter, you have to see the silver lining, and you have to use the tools at your disposal. You want a weed whacker and only have gloves? Then get to pulling weeds (it’s more effective anyway)! The Universe will ALWAYS provide exactly what we need. Remember the saying; beggars can’t be choosers. This will help you to stay humble, and to realize that we are all beggars in the game of life.

Drawing Power

As I explained the ‘Flow’ of the Universe before, so let me explain what I mean by drawing power from that energy. If you have familiarized yourself with the theories of quantum physics, you will know that everything in the 3 dimensional realm is made up of energy. In fact, everything, including the spaces in between atoms (aka dark matter), is also made up of energy. Therefore, there is more energy flowing throughout the Universe than we could ever harness right now… WITHOUT awareness and acceptance of it. We are all powerful beings; we would not be here if it were not so. We have survived many eons of turbulent times for life on Earth and in the Universe. It has taken a long time for evolution, God, or whatever, to figure out this perfect chemistry experiment known as life. That being said, we are no accident. There is a focused amount of energy being directed toward life on Earth, and we all have the potential to tap into it. Whatever forces may be at work guiding the natural processes we all experience, there is a way to access that power and to even harness it for use in your personal efforts. Do you know what that way is? To accept everything that IS! When you can do this, seeing everything objectively; every challenge as a lesson for growth, every obstacle as an opportunity for improvement, every fear as a reflection of your inner self, then you will move past fear and expectation, and into a realm of total peace. The peace you experience will instill in you a great power; to influence the Flow of the Universe through direct interaction with the Will of God. This means following your dharma, or Truth. As Truth is relative, your path will be different from anyone else’s, but it will teach you all you need to know to reach ultimate freedom and happiness. All you have to do is accept what is. The rest, is up to YOU.

Be well loved ones. Until next time! Namaste.

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