There is No Spoon


Every day we are faced with a choice. To be or not to be. What does that mean? When we can just ‘Be,’ we experience life as a precious gift, with each moment cherished in its entirety. Experiencing our five senses, plus a sense of completeness and joy in every part of your day is what happiness is all about. The concerns that we fabricate in our minds fade away, worries about our future turn into an overwhelming feeling of hope, and depression about our past turns into gratefulness for the path we have taken and what we have in our life right at this very second. We absolutely don’t need anything else than this! That is what it means to Be.

What does it mean when we are not Being? When we cease to be, we identify with something outside of ourselves; a job, a class, a significant other, a child, responsibilities… the list goes on. We all of a sudden have become a collection of titles, relationships, and actions that don’t tell the full story. We are trapped in our own thoughts. We may forget our senses, or get lost in sensual stimulation. This state of non-Being can also be associated with the term being ‘asleep.’

You see, we are all conscious Beings, whether we act like it or not. All of us are streaming from some Higher Source that cannot be experienced in the 3-Dimensional realm. We can’t experience it mainly because there isn’t enough room! Our Higher selves are so immense, they are literally an entire Universe all by themselves. What is that Universe? It is the limitless potential that exists within each one of us as we are manifested into this world. How do we tap into that potential? By opening our eyes and realizing the Truth: there is no spoon.

1) Let Go of Fear

Easier said than done, right? Fear is the mind killer as they say. What is more accurate is that fear is the debilitating force that stops us from reaching greatness. Fear is everything that we do not accept. It is everything we see as separate from ourselves. When we are afraid of something or a situation, our mind is labeling it as something unknown. The mind cannot act outside of its comfort zone; what is known. Our intuition is what leads us beyond fear, and that does not come from the mind but rather the heart. So we must stop listening to our mind and release our fear of what we think we don’t know; for then we will realize that we already know everything.

2) Give Up Your Guilt

It’s fairly common knowledge that we are all our own harshest critic. Your mind will always beat you up and tell you that you aren’t good enough, or that something is wrong with you when you feel a certain way. This is called guilt. It’s a feeling that somehow, something you thought, felt, or did was disgusting or immoral. In reality, as long as our actions have positive intention behind them, then there is nothing to feel guilty for. If for some reason you act out of fear, anger, or malice, you will soon realize what you have done and atone for it. How do you reach salvation? You merely give up the feeling that you did something wrong. Learn from your choices, be more conscious about your motives, and don’t dwell in the past. Move on from your guilt and you will experience self-acceptance.

3) Forget Your Shame

Throughout our lives we often do something we regret. Regret is merely holding onto actions which didn’t go our way. Once we realize that everything happens for a reason, and none of us are really in control of what happens in this reality, we can forget about what shames us and be proud of what we are. You are a luminous Being streaming from a Higher Source, and no past action can ever take that away! You experienced that event to remind you of something you once knew, and to further you on your path. You may even be able to teach others about your lesson and help spread the light.

4) Transmute Your Grief

This is a toughy. Grief is what we feel when we experience loss. Whether it’s a pet, a loved one, or sometimes a prized possession or title of achievement, we often cling to these as if they were meant to be in our lives forever. The truth is; nothing lasts forever in this reality. The only constant in 3D is change. You cannot stop it, so you must learn from it. To transmute grief, you must open your heart to all possibility of love. Love is in everything around us, so every moment has a potential for us to experience love. That means we haven’t really lost anything at all, but rather that is has changed forms into something our present self can appreciate. Don’t hold onto your love, let it flow freely and it will always come back to you.

5) Eradicate the Lies

When we aren’t in touch with our self-expression, we often will tell ourselves lies to compensate. What do I mean? When we don’t speak our truth, when we refuse to share our art, when we are too scared to ask for help, our mind will create justifications as to why we acted this way. These stories from your mind are always and will always be LIES. Our truth comes straight from the heart into our vocal cords or our fingertips for us to speak out loud or to write. Don’t hide it away! Eradicate the lies in your head by filling the world around you with pure and beautiful artwork of the soul. Anything that comes freely to you is your self-expression, so embrace it and cherish it. That is the reason you are here.

6) See Through the Illusion

You may have noticed, I say our mind and your mind pretty interchangeably here, and this takes me back to the title of this piece; there is no spoon. There is one great illusion that separates us all in this reality, and that is that we are not connected to each other. The problem with that idea is that science, spirituality, and our own Beings show us that it is completely false. Our molecules are interconnected in a massive living web of consciousness. Everything is tied together via ‘dark energy’ which is just another word for consciousness or love. The pure essence of our Being is the glue that holds us all together and makes us One. The spoon, your car, your boss, you, the grass in your lawn and your dog are all YOU. And you are ME. Together, you and I are one with everything else in this reality and all others. There is nothing outside of us, for we encompass all of existence. Now you can see me, just as I see you.

7) Understand the Universe

We are on a mission here, today. That mission is unique to each one of us, yet it all ends in the same place: Source. The amazing thing about our Universe is that we get to experience it in so many ways. We come back in so many forms to forget and then remember what we have forgotten, just to help us appreciate the limitless potential our Universe holds. When we begin to remember our Source, we connect with it, and in doing so we wake ourselves up from the slumber of 3D reality. We connect with our Higher selves freely and experience the oneness of cosmic identity. Quite literally, we become God, the creator, and more. We become everything that was before God woke up and said ‘Let there be Light.’ We become the web of connection that is both light and darkness. We become the everlasting Love of the Universe. Here, we are at peace, and we are home.

So today, whenever you are reading this, I challenge you to follow these seven steps, as you remember, as Neo found out in The Matrix, that of course; there is no spoon. Good night and namaste loved ones. Until next time, many blessings.

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