Connecting the Dots


A recent theme in my life has been one of connection. Not just connection of people, but connection of events, themes, and different ways of being that I’ve experienced throughout my lifetime. Even beyond that, into the thoughts and experiences of past lives and potential alternate dimensions spawned from one fragment of my consciousness. When you start to connect the dots of existence that appear attached to us in some way, you see yourself entirely. When you do this, you see the miraculously unique portrait the Universe has painted of you.

Just today, as I’m writing this, I had the question appear: “What are thoughts?” To me, thoughts are merely points in time where we arbitrarily stop our consciousness to observe a particular event, person, or theme that has existed at some point in our life. It doesn’t have to be right now, or even in this particular lifetime. Sometimes we ponder the most mundane things, and sometimes we ponder the cosmos in all its vastness. All of our ponderings pale in comparison to what we actually are. We are streaming consciousness, never ceasing, only interpreting our environment differently in different states of mind. We go through many states of mind in our everyday lives, and as we become more aware of our own being, we can access these different states at our own will.

I actually experienced for a few moments today, my Higher Self streaming to me my pure essence; I felt wholly myself more than I ever have before. My ties to family, society, and culture were lost, and true individuality was shown. I have sculpted the human I have become through many past reincarnations on the Earth and perhaps beyond, and in this life in particular, I have made immense steps in the advancement of my own consciousness. What this means is that I found my place in the infinity of the Universe and discovered my own being. Let me explain what this means on a basic level and how we can achieve this feeling in our everyday lives.


“Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas.”

The quote should really say: “Great minds discuss all three.”

There are many different ways to explore the idea of individuality, but my personal preference is to examine the events that take place in our lives as defining moments. Each significant event stored in our memory existed once as a choice we had to make in our life. Some choices seem less important than others, but all of them affect who we are as a person. One of the largest distinguishing factors between people is opinion, and opinion is what forms our basis of decision making. Outside pressures can also have influence, which we will get to later. We choose to do something based on how it makes us feel. If it feels good, then we feel that we are doing right. If it feels bad, then we feel we must be doing wrong. This isn’t a sensual feeling, it is a guttural instinct; you might also call it intuition. Our intuition forms our moral standing, and helps to influence every single decision we make.

That’s why understanding events is so important to understanding ourselves. When we examine an event not from a positive or negative perspective, but from a scientific perspective; with the pure intention to learn from the event, we grow ourselves and understand ourselves at the same time. This is what it is like to understand the Universe; the more we discover, the more that appears unknown. The analogy of God going to the farthest point of the Universe and then shooting an arrow relates to us the indescribable size and capacity of the Universe to expand. So, when we understand ourselves more, we understand the Universe, and vice-versa. Now you see why some people think we are all Gods 😉

Everything stuck in our memory is a tweaked version of the truth: a specific version described to us by our consciousness. No two lives are ever the same, because no event is ever interpreted the same way. That is both why the Universe is always changing, and duality will always exist in the material world. For light, there must be dark, or there would be only one. I have talked about the idea of Being One in another post, please read it if you haven’t already. Duality is an important lesson, and one we can explore more deeply as we talk about relationships.


“Relationships are everything.”

“We see the World, not as it is, but exactly as we are. The whole world is our mirror, to the many renounced and rejected aspects of ourselves.” –Dean Fraser

The next step to fully understanding ourselves is to observe our relationships with other humans and other living beings. To truly see others, we must realize that we are looking at a reflection of ourselves. I have spoken before of co-creation, which is the concept that we simultaneously create and experience this physical reality together. But doesn’t it go much further than that? I don’t care how spiritual you are, when you go to a party that has “good vibes,” you just never want to leave, right? That’s because in groups of people sharing love, we are more freely allowed to express ourselves individually. In a way, seeing others is showing you exactly the opposite of what you are.

That’s why everyone shares a lesson for us when they enter our lives. Sometimes that lesson is quickly taught and they go on to teach others. Sometimes that lesson is something you discover together and you share your lives in the pursuit of whatever it may be. A dance partner, a band, or two lovers who never part are all partnerships of this magnitude that go beyond what nearly any individual is capable of. I’m not saying that all people should necessarily pursue more intimate partnerships with others, but if the Universe is putting someone into your life that has the same passion and energy for the same types of art and co-creation, then why not share it with them? You will only enrich each other by providing a different perspective on something you both enjoy.

It’s really a beautiful moment when you can do something completely undiscovered for yourself with a partner; they bask in the same glorious light, but it’s even a different hue for them. The story becomes stronger and richer and you bring even more love into the world when this happens. Looking at all your relationships with the potential to teach you something you would have never figured out on your own is the pinnacle of human interaction. We constantly push and pull each other in a magnificent Balancing Act of masculine energy, which is control and creation, and feminine energy, which is acceptance and potential.


Finally, ideas are what drive us. Our ideas are our foundations of hope. Hope for ourselves, for humanity, for our world, and this very Universe. Our ideas can differentiate between the physical and the spirit world (or anti-matter/dark matter for you scientists). They are our one image of the limitless potential of this existence. Just thinking for a second that it might be possible that we could travel to distant stars makes it possible. Don’t you see that anything we can think up we can do? That doesn’t mean it will always materialize in the physical, but it does mean we can experience it through thought. When your thoughts expand into formulated ideals that you live your life by, you start to bring your intention into this physical reality. When your intention becomes strong enough, you can bring about nearly all the change you wish to see in your own life, just by visualizing it. When this change becomes so powerful and revolutionary for yourself; you start to impact other’s lives with your energy. You are streaming the Universe and your Higher Self so powerfully, that other beings are swept almost into a gravitational pull towards you.

This is the stuff that leaders in our world have been made of. The great minds, the incredible athletes, the timeless artists; they all shared one common thread, and that was pure individuality. They understood that we all pull our knowledge and pieces of ideas from this concept of the collective unconscious, or Noosphere as it’s been called. Some even say that none of our thoughts are original; that we are radio towers for our higher consciousness which is more intimately connected with all of humankind, and we are affected by everything that has happened or will happen in the Universe. This may be true, but regardless, we have the potential to mold our lives exactly as we see fit based off of the ideas we hold for ourselves and the world around us (seen and unseen). When more of us get together to share our vision of a world where we work together to accomplish our goals, we raise the frequency of the vibration on our planet, and therefore we bring all living beings to a higher state of existence; one where we are closer to oneness with the All.

That is what it is all about anyway. What does it all matter if not for the entire story? Is your story really that significant? Is the story of your religion the only that’s existed? NO! Regardless of how unique you think your version of the Bible is, or how spiritually connected you are, or how well formed your theory is for random chaos in the Universe and of the Big Bang creating all of the known Universe, you still are trying to get back to what it is all about. If not, you probably just haven’t gotten bored enough with your life, or excited enough about the stars quite yet. But eventually, we all learn that death comes for everyone and everything, and the only way to release the fear of dying is to understand that it is irrelevant. Our bodies decompose, we go back into the Earth, and we foster the growth of other living beings to come after us. Or we reincarnate in different animal and human forms until we expand our consciousness beyond living beings, and begin existing in the spiritual realm. Does this mean we can never become physical again? NO! We have just mastered the lower states of being and come back to teach others, show others back to the light. That light is infinite, and holds limitless potential for literally every being in existence; not just God. Because who, or what is God? He is creation, but oh so much more. He is the idea that spawned it all, and he did it by merging with the feminine energy of Love that existed; the female potential for creation.

Now I may be getting too deep. The point is, everything in your life holds significance. The question now becomes: what is that significance? Is it to cause you stress or suffering, or is it for you to learn? Only you can decide. Sometimes learning is fun, but sometimes it hurts, because it can make us feel alone. So that is why it is always important to remember to Connect the Dots, and realize that your life is connected to every single event in your many lives, every single relationship you have formed in those lives, and the ideas that you have accessed and imagined all in your individual consciousness. When we see this as the essence of our being, we realize that a thought is merely a stopping point: a brief screenshot of the much larger vastness of who we are as a unique expression of the Universe. Spend some time connecting the dots in your own life, and see how far that can take you. God speed my friends. Namaste.

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