Quote of the Week: 8/29/11

“And I’m sick of all my judges, so scared of letting me shine.”

-Brandon Flowers (lead singer of The Killers). Lyrics to the song Sam’s Town.

Time to rid yourself of your fear of judgment and naysayers. Life is full of doubt, but the source of doubt in your life should never be internal. People are always going to judge you, scrutinize your every move; even mock you. If you can ignore the bullshit and focus on what your goals and aspirations are, then you can move towards complete happiness.

The reason I chose this quote is because every once in a while, every person will lose a little bit of confidence in themselves. When you have people judging you, it can be hard to believe in your skills and abilities. This line is meant to inspire that confidence back into the listener. You need to get fed up with the negativity; use your frustration to fuel your passion.

I particularly want to focus on the portion that says “scared of letting me shine.” The main reason that people judge you and try to fill you with doubt is because they are threatened by you in some way. Maybe you’re threatening their current job position, maybe you’re performance or work ethic is making them look bad, or maybe they are just jealous of your personality. Whatever it may be, people who judge are scared; scared to admit their own faults and insecurities, so they try to emphasize yours.

This week, I want you to focus on this quote (and even listen to the song below), when you feel like others are trying to hold you back. Never let anyone tell you what you can achieve or how high you can go. The possibilities are endless for those who put in the time and have passion for what they are doing. Forget about the doubters, and focus on your own successes to improve your confidence. Don’t let anyone keep you from shining; shine as bright and radiant as you possibly can. Have a good week readers.

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