Making the World More PEACEful

Normally, I would be asleep right now, especially because the drive from SLO to Thousand Oaks, CA is a long one by yourself. However, on this drive I was contemplating many things, when I all at once had an epiphany about something! A vision came to me of a world that was at peace. It was then that I knew I must write this post to share my tips to spread peace… and to feed hungry children.

My friends Quinn Lewis, Sean Carrol, Tim Asp, Jake Goble, Casey Curtis, and Nate Huerta run a non-profit company called Beerbongs for World Peace, and I want to tell you about it. The basic idea of the company is to find very interesting ways to take beerbongs (such as naked face down in the water, while on top of a mountain, or while in a dryer) to promote the sale of beerbongs. Then, with each beerbong (and now T-shirt sold) they donate ALL of the money that is left over as profit to the World Hunger Organization. Pretty noble cause if you ask me. The reason I was so inspired to write this post was because my friends just launched their new website and Saturday was their launch party at a bar in SLO called Creeky Tiki. Well guess what folks? They sold enough beerbongs and t-shirts to feed over 480 children, and have in total fed over 2,500 children! Needless to say, I am feeling quite peaceful, and I wanted to share the love, please enjoy.

Note: These tips work great separately, but even better when used in conjunction with one another. I hope you put them to good use:

1.) Stop Judging: Open Your Mind. Everyone says it; be open-minded, right? But do they ever tell you how? It’s really quite simple: just let it go. When anyone is doing anything that you notice that you don’t like, you do not have to automatically assume they are a bad person in any way. Just tell yourself to accept however they may be, and if you still don’t like them for whatever reason, then you aren’t required by law to speak to them. But, it is very nice to give someone a compliment, or at least show them respect. You never know who’s day you may have brightened, and you have even saved their life. If you can let your judgements and especially your prejudices go, then the world will be a much more enjoyable to live, even if just for you because everyone doesn’t piss you off.

2.) Avoid Violence at all Costs. Some people think it may be a weakness to not resort to violence; especially if you’re being disrespected in some way. Well guess what, it’s not. I won’t say that violence never SOLVED anything, but I will say that it is NEVER the best solution available. When has a war stopped religious tensions? Never. When a people are conquered, they don’t just automatically switch religions and live in harmony. No, they resent their captors/rulers and in many cases rise up (hence… America). The Revolutionary War could perhaps deflate this entire argument, but we will ignore that and stick with; violence is not the best way. What is the best way is to take a step back from whatever situation you may be involved in, and do a mental check to see if you are getting angry. If you have a tendency to get violent when angry, then either vent by punching a pillow, working out, taking a nap, eating… WHATEVER, but just separate yourself from what is making you angry. You won’t regret it when you’re done.

3.) Smile Every Day. I know I’ve said this in another post, but it’s too damn important to not repeat it. Let me make it simple: when you smile, your brain connects happy memories to the muscles in your face moving in that sequence, therefore it releases endorphins into your body, actually MAKING you happier. When you are happier, it usually will spread to those around you at work, at the store, and especially with your friends. When other people are being made happy, then tend to make those around them a little bit happier, and so on. So even if you don’t ‘pay it forward’ by devoting time or money to someone, at least you gave them a smile.

4.) Pay it Forward. The most proactive way (besides the next tip), to spread world peace is to pay it forward. What that means is every time someone does a favor for you, you choose 3 people to ‘return’ the favor to. That way, when they ask you what they can do for you in return, you tell them ‘pay it forward, not back.’ Yes, I am completely ripping this off from the movie, but I happen to think it is the best idea I have ever heard and I try to do it literally any time someone does me a favor. For instance, I just spent the weekend cleaning my good friends’ house that I never lived in, because they are my friends. This house was the filthiest house to have ever existed, so it was a REALLY BIG favor, and guess what? I don’t expect anything in return, I just want them to pay it forward.

5.) Buy a Beerbong at Is this a shameless plug for my friend’s charity? YES. But also, I’m trying to send a message; FIND A CHARITY and donate to it. Charities are organizations completely dedicated to helping other people. What better way to spread peace? There isn’t one, and if you do NOTHING else with your life, buy a beerbong for $10, and feed four African children. You can sleep better any night knowing that you did that. So, go ahead, pat yourself on the back, crack open a cold one, and use the beerbong to help it slide down your gullet. Please please please pass this post along to your friends (yes to get people to check out my site), but also to help spread peace.

PS. Being safe is also a great way to spread peace. The End.

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