Hakuna Matata-It Means No Worries

This post is dedicated to a true professional, and a good friend of mine: Mr. Eric Tucker. Tucker is one of those guys who can only be described as a badass; and that in itself might be a disservice to this man. We worked together for about a year, and during this time he taught me a very valuable lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am writing now to share that lesson with the world.

The internship Tucker and I did together was anything but easy. I’ve heard it described as ‘hell on earth,’ ‘the hardest thing I’ve ever done,’ and even ‘a complete scam.’ While those things may or may not be true, what I do know is this: the internship we did (known as College Works Painting) developed more character in a person during a summertime than most people develop in their entire lifetime. How, you may ask? Well, imagine giving complete control of a business to a teenager that has never done so much as supervised one employee. The amount of responsibility piled onto interns is incomprehensible when compared to the average college student lifestyle.

So, now you have a taste for the environment Tucker and myself were placed in. Now, let me explain what is so great about my friend Eric. When things went wrong during the course of the internship (trust me, things went wrong everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day), Tucker never panicked. He never freaked out, ‘mad cowed,’ or even lost his cool. He was completely level-headed at all times and it astonished me. I had to know his secret, because, frankly, I did not always share the same demeanor as him.

I approached Eric, and I asked him; “hey man, how do you stay so cool under pressure?” To which he responded: “it’s no worries.”

Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about… I actually laughed. What he said had made no sense to me, so I delved deeper: “what do you mean, no worries?” He responded by asking if I had ever seen the Lion King. Again, I laughed, but responded, “yes, of course I have.” Then he asked me if I knew the song “Hakuna Matata.” Again, I said I had. Then Tucker shared his genius with me for a brief minute when he explained how he used that song’s message as his life’s philosophy. Let me be more clear: the song tells you to have no worries, for the rest of your days. It’s a problem free philosophy. It’s a motto. And that’s all it took for Tucker to be on top of his shit at all times.

It took me a while to comprehend what Tucker had told me. When dealing with problems, I always had the approach to react, then to put my head down and try to solve it. That worked for me, but it caused unnecessary stress in my day that wasted time. Tucker’s approach was similar, but instead of reacting, he took a step back. What you need to do when a problem comes your way is to simply remove your self from the situation. Don’t be the ‘worry wart.’ Look at the problem from the outside perspective; separate yourself from it, because it is then that you can identify the problem most effectively, and then handle it swiftly. When you spend time worrying, it raises your blood pressure and pumps adrenaline through your body. While this may be ‘thrilling’ to some people, it is not healthy. The key is to tell yourself ‘no worries’ and then look at the problem. What results is a clear, unbiased formulation of a solution. At that point, since you are not worrying about what might happen, and you have a clear objective to follow, you can execute your plan without any distraction.

For all of you who doubted Timon and Pumbaa; who thought they were just dumb animals living in isolation, think again. If nothing else, they are living care-free lives, because they know how to handle situations that they are confronted with, and solve problems with a clear head. We all can learn a thing or two from them, because I’m sure each of us has unwanted stress in our lives.

As I do in all my blogs, let me give you a disclaimer: this doesn’t mean you need to relinquish all of your responsibilities. You cannot just say ‘no worries,’ and forget about what you are obligated to do. This philosophy is meant for those who stress out when they are faced with problems, and are therefore rendered useless in their decision-making. No worries allows you to separate yourself from the problem and handle it with an open mind and logical sense of reality. When a person is stressed out, they blow things out of proportion, they use emotions to make decisions, and they often will start bringing up problems that have no bearing on the situation or that are simply out of date. I want you to reduce your stress level (even if you have a lot of problems) by telling yourself no worries, then handling each problem, ONE BY ONE. Don’t go on a rampage and try to figure out your entire life in a single day.

Remember, the lesson here is; no worries-use it as your problem free philosophy. If you do this, slowly, but surely, you will be able to tackle your problems head on, without mixing emotion in, and do it the quickest way possible: without worrying. If you’re having a rough day, take a break, open up YouTube, and just give in to the melodious ecstasy that is “Hakuna Matata.” Good luck, and ‘no worries’ until next time!

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