This Love of Mine

Here I sit

Another cigarette is lit

This one I rolled myself

Just as I was taught by a little elf

That elf’s name was B

She really wanted to be a he

She didn’t want the D

But rather some soft pussy

How confusing

To not know

What you like

Down below

She tried for a bit

For I was a tad effeminate

Because you see

She emasculated me

Or rather I emasculated myself

By even getting involved with this elf

Before the one of which I speak

Was an Amazon I met one week

I was recruiting for my team

Of which she became a part of

And so her ass I got to ream

Both as boss and as lover

Soon things turned sour

As our love approached its final hour

Jealousy reared its ugly head

And our relationship was finally dead

The first love of my life

Was an Italian girl who I wished to be my wife

Though try as I may

To win my beloved’s hand

Her father stepped in the way

And so I was left scooping sand

Somewhere in this time

My love found another

And so I was left behind

Alone with no one but myself to bother

And then there is the last love of mine

A faerie princess

Oh so divine

She taught me things I never thought possible

And turned my dreams into ideas quite probable

But alas!

Such a love

Is never meant to last

So passionate

So full of fire

Nothing could hold us back

No obstacle slowed our path

The path to bliss

To love

That fateful kiss

That halted my whole world

And sent me in a twirl

The spiral of death

The supernova of love’s end

Where one reality stops

And another begins

This has been my story of love

The tale of my different lives

All blended into one

Do they make me who I am?

Or am I just a man?

Do I get a fresh start?

Or must I mend a quadruply broken heart?

Are there any pieces left to find?

Was it all just in my mind?

I cannot say for sure

But I know that my love was pure

I shared my soul with each of these

Wonderful sparks so easy to please

Just wine, dine, and a little bit of cheese

Erotic, tantric, and ecstatic lovemaking

Was the cherry on top

Apparently that’s not enough to keep them on top

Or even around

What is that sound?

The door is slamming

The engine is revving

The tires are squealing

As she drives away speeding

To get away from me

As fast as she can

For her heart cannot bear

To keep hurting this man

For love always fades

Or changes

For some

But for me

My heart stays

It fixates

It binds

It connects

It intertwines

It loses itself completely

In the feminine divine

She can change faces

At any time

Her name changes too

Just like the tide

But the love remains the same

Throughout any change

The broken pieces mend

Coming together stronger

Beaming more love than ever before

How does this happen?

From an organ so treated?

The resiliency of the broken-hearted

Will forever remain a mystery to the heart breakers

Like a magnet

I absorb all the love in the room

And like a cannon

I shoot fireworks that bring doom

The doom of love

The horror of happiness

The fate of the whole world

Rests in this love

Will you pick it back up?

Keep it for yourself?

Or share it with everyone you meet?

In hopes that another lady

Might need you to sweep her off her feet

And so the wait begins

For another tale of love to transcend

To the heights of heaven and beyond

And bring the gifts of angels

To all those who feel lost

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